1207510_old_paperHier möchte ich euch meinen Brief an meine
zukünftige Gastfamilie zeigen, den ich während
des Bewerbungsverfahrens schreiben musste.

Dadurch können sich vielleicht angehende
Au Pairs Anregungen holen, allerdings hoffe
ich, dass ihr euch nicht „einfach so“
irgendetwas daraus kopiert!

Ich weiß, wie schwer es einem fällt, so einen
Brief zu verfassen, doch ihr und eure Kreativität
seid gefragt! 😉





Dear Host Family,
First, I would like to thank you for your interest in my application and now I would like to tell you some things about me, my family, my interests and of course about my experiences in taking care of children.
My name is Nicole and I´m from Hopsten, a small village, in Germany. I live together with my parents Tadeusz and Jolanta and my brother Patrick. My father works as an insulation worker, my mum is a homemaker and my brother studies International Marketing in the Netherlands, but visits us really often. My parents are from Poland for what reason my brother and me also speaking Polish fluently. All my other family is also living in Poland, which we are visiting as often as possible. I really love to spend time with my family and we have the best prerequisite, because we are sharing the same hobby, sports, especially the running. I love to take part in different running competitions and I go running every second day. We, my family and me, are also taking part in some competitions together, why we are calling us „Speedy Family“. Further hobbies are inline skating, reading books and of course meeting and spending time with my friends.
I have already my general qualification for university entrance entrance which I have done at the Vocational College and currently I am doing an apprenticeship as a nursery school teacher in a kindergarten. I will complete this apprenticeship before my aupair year will start. I love to spend time with children and I am doing lots of different activities with them, like arts and crafts, cooking and baking, sports, acts, playing games and many others.
I have lots of experiences in the area of taking care for children. Not only during my apprenticeship I could acquire experiences, because I have done many internships in various facilities like kindergarten, schools and children´s home, but also during the five years of babysitting I had the opportunity to feel responsible for the children and connected with another family. I have a lot of fun spending time with children and spending one year in another family, having a lot of fun with the children and also being a part of an American family is of great interest for me. These are the main reasons why I want to be an au pair. Furthermore I have always been interested in different cultures and going abroad is the best opportunity to get to know other people, their culture and to experience the American way of life. Improving my English skills and personal development, but also gaining more experiences in caring for children are further reasons why I want to become an au pair. Primarily why I want to go abroad is of course the time I´m going to spend with the children and the experience of an eventful year with you and your children.
I am not only a responsible and patient, but also reliable and open-minded person, who loves to take care for children and spending time with them. I am able to support their growing up and having a great time together. I couldn´t imagine a life without children. I love to see them smiling and their shining eyes on Christmas, their enthusiasm if they learned something new and their imaginative idea of the world.
So, I really hope I could give you some useful information about me, my life and my motivation for my au pair year.
I hope we will spend a great year with each other and I am really looking forward to talking to you.
Yours sincerely,